About Us

New Haven is a non-profit, faith based Biblical counseling center committed to the belief, wholeness is found only in our new life in Christ and His Grace that enables us to do all things in Christ. New Haven was started to help give Biblical counseling to the residents of Sioux Falls and surrounding area. Over the years New Haven has been that lighthouse in the Sioux Falls community. 
Clients are referred to New Haven by local churches, community organizations and past clients. The objective is to be an instrument through which God enables people to find permanent solutions to their spiritual and emotional needs and learn to live effectively. A key principle in the process is assisting clients to "go to the cross" - that is, come to the very end of their own spiritual and emotional resources, in order to experience Christ as their very "life". 

Biblical counseling - When we say "Biblical counseling" we mean that the Bible is the foundation of our counseling. We believe the Bible to be God's perfect and infallible Word to man, entirely sufficient for all of life.